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On his debut album, "Wild Empty Promises," Holden Laurence builds on the foundations of early alternative by combining elements of Mope-rock (The Cure), Post-punk (The Smiths), and New Wave (Echo & the Bunnymen) with Americana (Ryan Adams) and Modern Alternative (The Killers). Vintage synths, chorus-laden guitars, and steady grooves highlight an expansive sound that complements his vulnerable and vivid songwriting.


“It won’t be long before Holden Laurence becomes a household name hovering around the top of the list of Cleveland’s best. Holden is a double threat. He’s both an incredibly gifted musician technically and also a hell of a songwriter. These two factors create one powerful force that leaves tunes like ‘Broken Waltz’ rattling around in your brain long after last listen.” - Justin Markert, Cellar Door Cleveland

“‘Wild Empty Promises’ is a fantastic debut that blends mope-rock, post-punk and New Wave deftly... with its bittersweet tone and cinematic delivery.” - Eric Sandy, Cleveland Scene Magazine

“Throughout ‘Wild Empty Promises,’ Laurence mines the best of the Just Say Sire (Records) playbook; Echo & The Bunnymen, The Ocean Blue and The Smiths, shimmer throughout the set, as does an undercurrent of classic rock slow churned with Ryan Adams-style Americana. The melodies are huge and the musicianship is world class.” - Keith Creighton, Popdose.