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It won’t be long before Holden Laurence becomes a household name hovering around the top of the list of Cleveland’s best. Holden is a double threat. He’s both an incredibly gifted musician technically and also a hell of a songwriter. These two factors create one powerful force that leaves tunes like ‘Broken Waltz’ rattling around in your brain long after last listen.
— Justin Markert, Cellar Door Cleveland
Throughout ‘Wild Empty Promises,’ Laurence mines the best of the Just Say Sire (Records) playbook; Echo & The Bunnymen, The Ocean Blue and The Smiths, shimmer throughout the set, as does an undercurrent of classic rock slow churned with Ryan Adams-style Americana. The melodies are huge and the musicianship is world class.
— Keith Creighton, Popdose
There’s something about the way Laurence writes that is at once nostalgic and eagerly presses forward. A unique voice, which could easily become as identifiable as that of Morrissey or McCullough.
— Amber Patrick, Midwest Action
‘Wild Empty Promises’ is a fantastic debut that blends mope-rock, post-punk and New Wave deftly... with its bittersweet tone and cinematic delivery.
— Eric Sandy, Cleveland Scene Magazine
‘A Whisper and She Takes Me’ is a smashing success. A track that integrates the mope and twang of the ’80s (The Cure, The Smiths) with more immediate contemporaries.
— Obscure Sound
Drawing influence from 1980s post-punk and new wave, Laurence’s songwriting carries you adrift with the solemn tones of vintage synthesizers and guitar.
— Stephan Haluska, Cool Cleveland
His deep storytelling lyrics belie his youth and draw you deep into the songs, while the juxtaposition of bright guitar lines opposed by smooth and sometimes dark-edged vocals play off of each other brilliantly.
— The Revue
Real beauty.
— Jeff Niesel, Cleveland Scene Magazine