Holden Laurence's first full-length album, Wild Empty Promises, is a catharsis fueled by heartbreak and the subsequent struggle to redefine and reshape one’s identity.  Holden further explains how everything came together: 

“When I was finishing my last semester at Berklee College of Music in the spring of 2013, a lot of the foundations that I built my life upon either shifted or disintegrated altogether.  I was struggling with the sudden and messy end of a long-term relationship, the shock of the Boston Marathon Bombings, the deterioration of my grandfather’s health due to Alzheimer’s, and the typical anxiety that accompanies college graduation…  It all hit at the same time. 

After graduation, I moved back to Cleveland to rejoin indie rockers The Modern Electric.  We spent most of the summer in Austin, Texas, recording our sophomore album, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.  In the studio, I was in a state of creative bliss, but everywhere else I was an emotional train wreck.  I began to slowly sift through the fallout of everything that happened that spring, trying to find meaning, wisdom... anything substantial so that I could begin to move on.  One night I was brooding alone on a hotel room balcony that overlooked the highway, a cigarette in one hand and a sweating Lone Star in the other, and the line popped into my head, ‘Honey, you were ready to leave when you put your bags down.’  I started humming a melody and working out the lyrics, and in about ten minutes the song, 'Ready to Leave,' was pretty much finished.  That was the first of the batch of songs that eventually became Wild Empty Promises.”

After spending the next two years writing and refining the material through live shows, Holden entered the studio in early 2016.  With the help of Michael O’Brien, drummer for The Modern Electric, and engineers Shave Olivo and Dr. Michael Bell, Holden slowly shaped and developed the ten songs over the course of a year.  With the exception of drums and percussion, he performed every instrument on the album, while also producing for the first time.  Wild Empty Promises is Holden's first full-length release, following the solo acoustic EP Romantic Americana in 2014 and the lo-fi rocker Jamie - Single in 2015.

Holden once again teamed up with Michael O'Brien, Shane Olivo, and Dr. Michael Bell on his recent single, Indian Summer, released on July 6, 2018. Indian Summer builds on the momentum of Wild Empty Promises and delivers a sun-soaked anthem that captures the fleeting nature of youth, surrounded by the sticky-sweet heat of love.


Holden Laurence
Guitars / Lead Vocals

Michael O'Brien

Mitchell Kiminas

Mark Porostoski

Synths / Guitars / Vocals