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Cleveland Indie/Alternative artist Holden Laurence’s sophomore album, Rewire, is now available.


On his debut, Wild Empty Promises, Holden Laurence burst onto the Cleveland music scene and garnered widespread praise for his unique combination of 80s Alternative and vivid, vulnerable Americana songwriting.

Wild Empty Promises is a fantastic debut that blends Mope-rock, Post-punk and New Wave deftly... with its bittersweet tone and cinematic delivery.” - Eric Sandy, Cleveland Scene Magazine

On Rewire, Holden expands his musical and emotional palettes with walls of synths and glassy guitars, driving grooves, and songwriting that is equal parts eloquent and visceral. The textures are more lush, the drums more bombastic, and the sonic landscapes more vast. While songs like “Shadows of Old Love” and “Mary Magdalene” are natural extensions of Wild Empty Promises, Holden broadens his creative scope with the infectious road-trip rush of “Speaking in Tongues” and the heartbreaking honesty of “Rewire” and “Roses and a Romeo Mask.”

“Whether you’re falling in or out of love, or staring dreamily at the stars knowing he, she, ze or they are out there looking for you too, the songs on Rewire will fill your mixtapes and playlists with plenty of edgy, melodic, romantic, and darkly epic earworms.” – Popdose

“An Indie Pop/Rock classic.” – American Pancake

“It’s thoughtful but playful and boasts a subtle infectious energy that drives from start to finish. Holden’s dreamy vocals take the spotlight and allow that dusky feeling to wash over in a gentle wave.” – YACK! Magazine

Holden recruited long-time collaborator and drummer Michael O’Brien of The Modern Electric to provide the pulse of Rewire. The Rewire sessions were recorded at Fe True Productions (Cleveland) and Bobby Peru Recording Studios (Milwaukee), and were engineered, mixed, and mastered by Shane Olivo, in partnership with executive producer Dr. Michael Bell. In addition to self-producing for the second time, all instruments and vocals, with the exception of drums and percussion, were performed by Holden Laurence.